Centre Asset Management offers investors true active management across a target range of strategies that includes:

American Select Equity

  • Style: U.S. Large Cap Risk-Managed Growth Equity
  • Differentiation: Focused on risk adjusted returns through active management and employment of hedges and other capital protective strategies when deemed tactically appropriate

Global Listed Infrastructure

  • Style: World (Developed Market) Listed Infrastructure Equity
  • Differentiation: Captures the global opportunity set of companies that are owners or operators of infrastructure assets selected from the equity universe of MSCI World

Active Fixed Income

  • Style: Intermediate Government Bond
  • Differentiation: Tactically active duration management with potential for capital appreciation/preservation in various interest rate environments

Africa Equity

  • Style: Frontier Equity (Africa)
  • Differentiation: Listed equity securities portfolio issued by companies located in, doing significant business in, or deriving significant income from Sub-Saharan Africa